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Secunia PSI review: Lenny Zeltser on Information Security

16:32 CET, 19th April 2011 By Secunia.

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) has been recommended as one of the top “Free Tools to Detect Local Insecure Browser Plugins” by the influential Lenny Zeltser on Information Security blog. Lenny Zeltser is a specialist in teaching how to analyse and combat malware. His recommendations focus on free tools that help private users identify locally-installed browser plugins that are missing security patches.

As Lenny Zeltser says, “Secunia PSI rules when it comes to providing a comprehensive scan of local applications. In this, it exceeds the coverage of Qualys BrowserCheck, and would be my first choice if I were to install a scanner.”

At Secunia, we are dedicated to helping end-users keep their PCs protected against vulnerabilities and feel strongly that handling vulnerabilities should be as easy and straight forward a process as possible. That is why the free Secunia PSI automates this process, which is appreciated and used by millions of households worldwide.

To read the article in full, visit Lenny Zeltser on Information Security, here.

Download the Secunia PSI, free for private use, here.


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Subject: Secunia PSI review: Lenny Zeltser on Information Security

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