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CBS News: Security tips from legendary hacker

9:42 CET, 21st December 2011 By Secunia.

In the CBS News Money Watch article ‘Security tips from a legendary hacker’, Michael Hess interviews Kevin Mitnick – once the "most wanted" computer hacker in the world and now a leading consultant/speaker on information security.

Mitnick now helps businesses understand and address information security weaknesses and threats. He therefore discusses the following serious issues which every business faces: attacks are becoming more complex, the risk landscape is increasingly difficult to understand, outgoing network traffic can be as dangerous as inbound, desktop software is often out of date, and humans can be the biggest problem.

It is not just large corporations that are under threat – small companies also face the same challenges.

As part of his list of tools that can help address these issues, Mitnick recommends the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) under the ‘Desktop software is often out of date’ category. He says “The solution: Products like Secunia's Corporate Software Inspector automate software updates on user desktops. These updates are as important as applying software and security patches for the operating system, as out-of-date software significantly increases the risk of a security breach.”

To read the article in full, visit CBS News here.

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Subject: CBS News: Security tips from legendary hacker

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