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DNS Article: Biggest Source of Security Holes is Third-Party Software

16:11 CET, 14th February 2011 By Secunia.

Microsoft typically gets the rap for security vulnerabilities discovered in its products, but it’s actually third-party applications that often give the biggest headaches to IT and security pros, according to a new report from security vendor Secunia.

The recently-released 2010 annual report from Secunia found that 69 percent of the security holes discovered last year were from third-party vendors, some of which may not even offer reliable ways to patch their products. In the company’s official blog, Stefan Frei, Secunia’s Research Analyst Director, explained how the report crunched the overall numbers.

Fifty-five percent of the end users that Secunia tracked have more than 66 different programs from 22 vendors installed on their PCs. Looking at the top 50 applications used, 26 are from Microsoft, but the remaining 24 are from 14 other vendors. From a patching perspective, one single update process offered by Microsoft can fix 31 percent of the holes found in Windows and other products. But to patch the remaining 69 percent, IT pros need to use 13 different update systems.

To read the rest of the article, visit DNS here.


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Subject: DNS Article: Biggest Source of Security Holes is Third-Party Software

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