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Network World highlights Secunia PSI

13:35 CET, 21st June 2011 By Secunia.

In the article, ‘Why the Windows 8 App Store is Good News for IT’, Andy Patrizio talks about the rumoured Microsoft Windows App Store and its focus on consumer-oriented features. In general, with the large number of apps available on the market by different vendors, it’s difficult to keep track of which installed ones are outdated or need updating to stay secure.

The article therefore discusses PC security – in particular scanning with the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) – because how many people know how secure their PCs are?

According to Andy Patrizio, “PSI handled a few updates for me, grabbing the newer versions of Firefox, FoxIt and the VLC player. The Visual C++ libraries were handled by Windows Update. There's nothing I can do about using Photoshop CS3 at this point. But the point is PSI caught the issue.”

Even in best-case corporate environments, there can be just one PC, or laptop connecting to the corporate network, that lets the side down and leaves the entire IT infrastructure open to a security breach.

To read the article in full, visit Network World here.

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Subject: Network World highlights Secunia PSI

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