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The Guardian Information Security article: The Patch Works

11:45 CET, 14th April 2011 By Secunia.

The following is an extract of an article by Stefan Frei, Secunia’s Research Analyst Director, in The Guardian’s Information Security 2011 supplement (page 41).

Make sure you’re not compromised by PC programmes that are past their expiry date and could expose your system to attacks

Picture this scenario. You walk into your local supermarket to buy your weekly groceries and just before you drop an item of produce into your trolley, you quickly scan it over for freshness and check its expiry date.

You wouldn’t knowingly choose something that was marked out-of-date. And if you did notice it was past its expiry date, you would automatically select a new, fresher version of the same produce instead. After all, you wouldn’t want to experience any unpleasant side-effects or risks to your health.

Now picture another scenario – this time at your private home PC or sat somewhere in front of your laptop browsing the internet or logging on to a corporate network while working from home. Did you know that the programs installed on your PC pose a significant risk to the health of your PC and the safety of your private data if left to go past their ‘expiry dates’ and not updated in a timely manner?

To read the article in full (page 41), click here.

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Subject: The Guardian Information Security article: The Patch Works

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