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Secunia PSI: Habla espanol

12:24 CET, 17th December 2008 By Jakob Balle.


The Secunia PSI 1.0 - now available in Spanish!

Unfortunately, my Spanish isn't as good as it could be, thus I haven't been able to step-in with much of the translation myself. Fortunately, we have a GREAT community backing the Secunia PSI and we are proud to say that this is the first 100% community-translated version of the Secunia PSI.

We appreciate the collaboration of the CSIRT-CV team of the Regional Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Generalitat de la Comunidad Valenciana for the translation of PSI into Spanish.

We are looking forward to this new language addition with great anticipation, especially considering that our current PSI, which is available in English, Danish, and German has already generated close to 1 million users.

Without further ado, I hope you will download and install the Secunia PSI and enjoy patching and securing your PC - it has never been easier!

You can download the Secunia PSI here:

Remember; installing the latest security patches for your programs is just as important as having an anti-virus program and being behind a firewall.

Stay Secure,

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager

On a related note: We are aware that a lot of you (Dutch in particular) are very eager to translate the Secunia PSI into your own native language. I can tell you that we are working on a permanent public solution, which will enable you all to translate the Secunia PSI. Until then, please feel free to send an email to support@secunia.com stating that you are interested in translating the Secunia PSI and to which language, this will allow us to prioritise the next languages based on your interest.

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