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Strong growth in the 7th consecutive year - and a great first half of 2010

16:35 CET, 1st July 2010 By Niels Henrik Rasmussen.

2009 was yet a year of ground-breaking financial results. Revenues went up by more than 50 percent. For the 7th consecutive year,  Secunia experienced a double-digit revenue growth, positive net results and made strong investments in R&D, developing the Secunia business, in spite of the financial crisis that shook the markets.

The strong growth was mainly due to the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (then CSI 3.0), and  our Vulnerability Intelligence solutions. Customers and partners were very positive about our releases during 2009, and their support and input made a great contribution to the development of our solutions and our business.

In addition, Secunia made substantial investments in R&D. These proved successful as we were able to introduce the newest addition to the product portfolio; the Patch Management integrated into the Secunia CSI 4.0, which were brought to market in the first quarter of 2010. In 2009, we especially noted the threat regarding vulnerabilities in 3rd party programs on Windows systems, hampering the security of corporate IT.

Due to a lack of software inspection solutions, companies continued to ignore the majority of vulnerabilities. With the Corporate Software Inspector (CSI 4.0) integrated with Microsoft WSUS for 3rd Party Patch Management, Secunia is able to solve this problem, effectively improving the security for our customers.

Since the launch of the Secunia CSI 4.0, with patch management integrated to fix vulnerabilities in 3rd party programs, we have experienced high growth within New Bizz. The first six months of 2010 is now completed, showing that Secunia is experiencing a further increase of revenues compared to the first six months of 2009.

The strategy for the next three years continues to outline ambitious goals. During the last seven years, we have worked intensively to manifest our position in the market, and build a brand synonymous to the most reliable Vulnerability Intelligence. This enabling us to take further steps, both in relation to our products, but also in terms of other initiatives planned for the next three years, which include strong investments in R&D.

To support the strategic initiatives, an aggressive hiring plan has been developed. During 2009, the head count in Secunia almost doubled, ensuring a great support for our customers and further development of our organisation and business.

Best regards,

Niels Henrik Rasmussen

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Subject: Strong growth in the 7th consecutive year - and a great first half of 2010

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Brilliant news. Your obvious technical know-how, business expertise and determination to provide the best customer service (paid & free) has clearly paid off.

Well done.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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On this thread U are asking about updating:


Is this the same question or are U also asking for advice on upgrading your hardware?

If U want ideas on hardware upgrading I would advise U open your own thread upder Open Discussion. Just click Create Thread from the box on the left & select Open Discussion.

U will need to tell us what hardware U currently have installed & the OS & SP.


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