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US - watch out!

8:45 CET, 8th November 2012 By Thomas Zeihlund, CEO.

Secunia’s new US subsidiary opens today, January 7th, marks the official opening of Secunia’s US subsidiary. Watch the video and meet the team

It’s been in the cards for a while, and now we’re getting very, very close:

In a few months, at the beginning of 2013, we’re opening a regional US office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This is an obvious next step in Secunia’s evolution, since already today from our European stronghold, 1/3 of our revenue comes from our US activities.

It is not a decision I have made overnight – for quite a while it has been our ambition to open this office, but it has been paramount to me to get the timing right for the business, and I believe the time is now:

  • We have established a strong base from where we are ready to expand,
  • We have a solid US customer base,
  • We are established as a brand in the US market,
  • We have a product that is tailored to the US customers (the CSI),
  • And we have a product that meets the need for security intelligence (the VIM)

Our US office will be populated with the best-of-breed Secunians, primarily sales and support staff. They will be headed up by Neil Butchart  who brings more than two decades of technology sales and executive leadership experience to the team, and will also be bringing additional sales team members on board. 

What will we be doing over there?
Let’s face it: The US is the centre of the digital world – well, certainly when it comes to IT security awareness and maturity!
Since our business is all about helping companies manage the vulnerabilities that can expose their digital assets, we anticipate that our physical presence in the US will have a positive impact on our business: working out of Europe since we started 10 years ago, Secunia has managed to combine European values with an understanding of US market trends and build a strong reputation with US enterprises as best-in-class when it comes to vulnerability intelligence and patch management.

For Secunia, the move to the US is a great opportunity to move even closer to the different stakeholders in the security industry – most importantly our customers and the industry analysts - and bring Secunia valuable commercial and legislative insights. This in turn will translate positively into Secunia’s efforts to raise awareness about software vulnerabilities. By being closer to the work surrounding IT compliance in the US – work that is ground-breaking and has enormous impact on data protection standards around the world – Secunia strives to become a significant stakeholder for businesses, legislators and auditors alike.

This was just to give you a couple of insights into why we’ve decided to go all in.
If you think you can contribute to our efforts to conquer the Land of the Brave, Secunia is always looking for talented individuals to join the team. If you or someone you know is interested – particularly in a sales position - please drop us a line.
By the way: Our focus on the US doesn’t mean that we are abandoning Europe. Europe is our base, and we have some exciting plans over here as well. But that’s a different story for another day …

Stay secure,
Thomas Zeihlund, CEO

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