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shwimer Google version "out-of-date" - NOT
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The PSI scan shows Google Chrome 12.0.742.60 to be out-of-date. However, I actually have 13.0.782.24.

This is NOT a timing issue as it has been this way for several days?????


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This user no longer exists RE: Google version "out-of-date" - NOT
Secunia Official 30th Jun, 2011 15:54

There is 2 parts in this issue

1. Google Chrome 13 is in beta, and is therefore not detected by the Secunia PSI

2. Google Chrome leaves the previous version on the system in order to do the silent updates, the previous version is replaced the next time there is an update for Chrome.

Users will have to manually remove the old version or create an "Ignore Rule"

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