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jmdcpa Version Number on Dowload Page
Member 30th Jun, 2011 15:33
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They should put the entire version number on the download page instead of just 2.0 so I know if there is a newer version. I have to download the file to see the full version number, and if it hasn't change, I just delete the download.

There's no good reason not to show the full version number.


This user no longer exists RE: Version Number on Dowload Page
Secunia Official 30th Jun, 2011 15:55

Thank you for your suggestion.

I've forwarded it to our webmaster/developers.

Should you have any other suggestions please let us know.
ParzivalRM RE: Version Number on Dowload Page
Member 2nd Jul, 2011 14:58
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A good suggestion that would save a lot of mucking about. Four further points, which are now standard on PC software, need attention. Updating of obscurely labelled is becoming quite a time-waster.

1. Coiuld the download file be labelled "PSISetup2.0.0.3003.exe", rather than just "PSISetup.exe", so that we know exactly what version we have downloaded.

2. Could the "Change log" page on the Secunia website be updated to explain the changes from 3002 to 3003. The "Change log" is stuck on 3002 and is now several weeks behind.

3. Could the version number also be placed in the headings of the initial screen that is displayed when the programme opens.

4. Could the option "Check for updates" be placed on the system tray menu. (Not on the options of the initial screen, because Secunia takes far too long to open.)
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BartC RE: Version Number on Dowload Page
Member 8th Jul, 2011 05:13
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I could not agree more.

1: Yes, why can't the download have the current version in the name. All other programs I use that have downloaded updates do that. It is time for Secunia to get on board.
2:Yes, PSI is a free program, but a note to the person that uploads the latest build. Please update the log.
3:Not only should the ver # be on the splash screen, but it should be in the config UI area, or at least there should be an 'About' tab.
4:Yes, check for updates in the about or config screens.

I raised issues about version numbering back in Jan 2011 after v2 was released. But little has changed since.
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