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o.cashmoney Win XP x32 SP3 (fully updated) PSI 0%, typeerror
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Ok, I have read the other locked couple of threads describing a very similar situation. Nonetheless, this problem seems persisting at this time and I have never used it on an XP before. My other machine has vista x64 and there is no such issues at the current moment even after multiple restarts of the system and PSI.

I believe this is most likely just an annoying and persisting bug, as the screenshots below should clearly explain it.

I get to install the program and run it firsthand and everything goes smoothly, all it takes though is a shutdown/closure and a re-run and the result is messy.

1 - It shows 0% initially in the dashboard while when mouse is hovered over the taskbar icon it shows 99%
2 - Scan results show blank list no matter how many times I perform the scan
3 - Dashboard is inaccessible once I navigate away from the initial startup view and want to go back with "typeerror"

Please refer to screenshots to view full details of the situation.
I'd highly appreciate a working and permanent response to this problem as I would like to introduce your software to my clients as well so that they can be kept up to date, but with this issue/quality, its failing the test run prematurely.

Please Note the 99% on taskbar on these scrnshts

Blank Scan Results

This user no longer exists RE: Win XP x32 SP3 (fully updated) PSI 0%, typeerror
Member 8th Jul, 2011 09:56

Please walk through these steps of our FAQ:

Then, try to restart your computer. This is only necessary because the issue you describe is sometimes caused by Internet Explorer malfunctioning.

Hope this helps.
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