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STV0726 Java Update 24 to 26
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First time posting here, though I am a fairly experienced PC prosumer.

Long story short, I approved auto update, it stuck at "Waiting for Update to Complete." Took an ungodly amount of time, gave up, closed Secunia, restarted the computer, had Secunia re-scan, still hung at that point.

So I uninstalled my Java entirely in add/remove programs and restarted again for good practice. I downloaded Java fresh from their website and to my amazement (and much anger at this point) it still didn't work. Clicking on the install exe just resulted in a bit of hard drive activity followed by a Windows Compatibility Prompt. Even applying those settings did nothing, though you shouldn't have to apply compatibility settings to a newly updated Java release.

Anyway, frustrated and without any way to install Java and desperate, I restored my computer in time earlier today when I had updated Windows.

This time, I figured forget the auto update, I'll just manually download it fresh before anything gets tampered with.

Still...the, second fresh install, and it hung. Did nothing.

I cannot update my Java Update 24.

Extensive Google searching revealed no real solid solution, only people with other similar issues that didn't match mine, and I'm not comfortable going into the registry and deleting keys at this point.

This is frustrating. Very frustrating. A whole half a day spent on a Java update that normally takes oh...what...5 minutes tops? :(

Maurice Joyce RE: Java Update 24 to 26
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Have you tried this tool?

*This link takes U to the site - select the Windows Binary (zip) option.
*This will lead U to to download it.
*Save the download to desktop.
*Activate the desktop zip icon which exposes the JAVARA EXE file. Click it
*Select RUN when asked.
*Select your language.
*The tool will now appear on the desktop - select REMOVE OLDER VERSIONS
*Once complete select ADDITIONAL TASKS - tick all boxes & activate.
*Right click on the desktop JAVARA zip file & delete it.


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