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Malacath Auto-update fails
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I was hoping that secunia PSI can keep flash up to date using the auto-update feature but the auto-update feature doesn't work.

I have two laptops by two different manufacturers.

I put Secunia PSI on both.

Flash player was out of date on both computers

But on both computers the update fails.

Where it says install solution it says Download File has incorrect SHA1sum
now what does "downloaded file has incorrect SHA1sum" mean?

When I double click the status panel it says install has failed.

I get exactly the same error with Adobe Air

And Adobe reader won't update either.
The install solution for that says "waiting for update to complete"
What does that mean? It's said that for 2 days.

Double clicking the status panel says the update was successful but that is not true because adobe reader is still the old version on my computer.

Is there anything I can do to get the Secunia PSI auto-update feature to actually work?

It doesn't work on both computers even after running the factory restore recovery program.

Both computers run Windows 7 64bit so could that be the problem. Maybe secunia isn't fully compatible with 64bit windows?

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Maurice Joyce RE: Auto-update fails
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PSI is a third party downloaded/installer & the link they use comes from Adobe.

Windows 7 64 Bit is fully compatible with PSI.

I think the error lies with Adobe - this Forum is littered with problems regarding their lack of security & download/update procedures. One requirement is that anything using Flash must be closed down for example:

a. All Browsers.
b. Windows Messenger.
c. Incredimail.
d. All Adobe Products.
e. PSI - Unless using version 2

Trouble is the Adode uninstaller/installer will not do it for U during the procedure & I think PSI waits for all the correct criteria to be met.

Try closing all the items listed above & see how PSI behaves.

This link gives U a flavour of Adobe issues including one relating to SHA1sum problem.

U will also note that many on the Forum members prefer to manually update all Adobe wares for the reasons stated.

Hope this is of some help - Adobe free products are a nightmare to keep secure & updated.


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puget1 RE: Auto-update fails
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As a suggestion/F.Y.I,:to the update issue of applications, I would suggest this solution and only if you are with in U.S. Time zones. Due to the time lag between E.U. And U.S, I am 24 hrs ahead of Secunia. I basically use PSI for locating the more difficult to locate and fine exe/dll vulnerabilities. You might try using this application updater: Granted this is the old way but it is easy and keeps PSI happy..

Windows 10 64bit

There is No magic bullet in computing; only work a rounds.

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Malacath RE: Auto-update fails
Member 23rd Jul, 2011 19:35
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Thanks for your replies.

I've turned secunia auto-updates off. The feature clearly doesn't work.

I've just found this on the adobe website. Apparently flash can be configured to check for updates daily or ever time it is run instead of every 7 days.
Instructions on this site

I'm going to try that. If that doesn't work i'll try that program puget1 recommends
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This user no longer exists RE: Auto-update fails
Member 25th Jul, 2011 14:58

Adobe changed their download links without prior warning.

We updated the checksums for the program, so everything should work again. Hope this helps.
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