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joujiw system status message
Member 31st Dec, 2008 02:56
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I keep getting the status message popup when things are all patched. Is there any way to get the popup to stop? RE: system status message
Member 10th Dec, 2009 11:48
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I have the same problem, the popup appears about every 10 seconds and no matter what I do (leave it, close it, view results/patched programs) it just keeps coming back.
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thedillpickl RE: system status message
Contributor 11th Dec, 2009 06:42
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When you click on the [X] in the top right corner of the pop-up it goes away but the same pop-up returns in a few seconds? That is odd. The pop-up at the taskbar is supposed to notify you if the PSI window is not visable. It also pops up when you are using PSI (which is a little disconcerting / annoying) to resolve a problem, but once you x it the pop-up should go away.

Please send more detail of whats happening.


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