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irsdl Secunia-PSI Privacy Concern
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This thread is related to "" which now I think was wrongly closed as a resolved issue.

According to a Secunia Official (E.Petersen) in that topic:
"All data will be deleted automatically no later than 12 months after you terminate using the program or immediately after you cancel your registration."
However, it is not true.

I had uninstalled Secunia PSI application last year on 3rd of August. However, I kept my UID value to check if you would delete my data after a year.
Therefore, from 3rd of August 2010 till 9th of August 2011 there was not any request to Secunia server with my UID (UserID). However, when I sent a request to your server [1] today to check whether my data has been deleted or not, I found out my details (all of my applications data, my windows username, and so on [2]) are still there from last year.

Could you please delete my data from your server and tell me why it has happened and you are still keeping my data?

[1]|0.059082001106871 174&uid=MY UID HERE


Soroush Dalili

This user no longer exists RE: Secunia-PSI Privacy Concern
Member 9th Aug, 2011 15:07
Hi Sourosh,

Thank you for pointing this out.

We have double checked this and found that there was an issue.

This has now been resolved and data is now handled correctly and according to our PSI Privacy Statement.

However, it is possible that your request has changed the registered "check in" time, your data may therefore still be available. If you wish, we can delete the data immediately, just send an email to

Again thank you for reporting this.
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