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ebucklew interface reload constantly
Member 9th Aug, 2011 16:32
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Most of the time I leave the csi running in the bottom right corner.....but everyday and almost everytime I double click on it to check things out......the interface just hangs there and waits for some kind of automatic reload.

Why does that keep happening all the time.....and why does it not stay sync'd all the time...?


wmahmood RE: interface reload constantly
Secunia Official 10th Aug, 2011 13:27
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If you leave the CSI running in the background, then it would automatically reload next time when you try to access it. The reason to reload the interface is to load the latest scan results etc. Otherwise, it shouldn't reload the interface if you are constantly working with CSI.

Let us know if the issue persists.

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Secunia Customer Support

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Waqas Mahmood
Flexera Software Support

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