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tovodeverett PSI and Multi-user systems
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Ouch. Forgot to select forum first, so now I'm typing this all back in.

insert boilerplate about loving the product and having no right to request difficult changes

Like a number of the users in this forum, I don't run as Administrator. I only run as Administrator to install or update software, and I never install or update software with my normal account. I use fast-user switching and have separate accounts set up for different family members, guests, and for different purposes (for instance, watching movies).

Desired configuration:
* Core functionality runs from a Service
* Taskbar component runs in user space with user privs and uses some form of IPC to communicate with Service
* Administrator can specify that all normal users except a possibly empty list or no normal users except a possibly empty list can view the information.
* Ditto for permission to make configuration changes to PSI.
* All permissions validation is carried out by the Service as a result of credentials presented through IPC by the Taskbar component
* Taskbar component starts for all users but terminates silently if Service indicates user has no privs to view
* Service is multi-threaded with respect to UI connections so as to handle fast-user switching

That's it in a nutshell. I know this is a major rearchitecting and a pain, but I figured that if you decided to do it, you might want one user's input . . .

millwood RE: PSI and Multi-user systems
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OK - but a simpler request. Right now, autostart uses the start menu, and in a multi-user system you wind up with multiple copies of psi running, which is not what you want. So at least fix psi to only run one copy.
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