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Secunia_CSI5_User CSI 5.0 Filter Scan Paths
Member 8th Sep, 2011 20:47
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I have a few IT personal that store files on a removeable drive (Example Z:)
I have added a blacklisting of Z:\*.* but it seems like it did not work.

Does added a blacklist take time to reflect under Results>Programs>End-Of-Life?

Anybody know if i can use the *.* wildcard or not?
Thank You.

Secunia_CSI5_User RE: CSI 5.0 Filter Scan Paths
Member 9th Sep, 2011 14:46
Secunia support helped me out and the filter scan paths are case sensitive so if you want to exclude Z:\ you should exclude both Z: and z: to make sure the drive/path will be excluded.

I've asked if there is a setting where we only include local drives but not removable media.

I will post supports response here when received.
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wmahmood RE: CSI 5.0 Filter Scan Paths
Secunia Official 9th Sep, 2011 15:34
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Thanks Frank for the answer. I would just elaborate a little bit more on it.

In the Windows environment paths are case sensitive. If you want to create a Black List or Ignore Rule, you should choose the exact paths as displayed in Microsoft Windows.

For example, if you have "C:/Program File (x86)/" and if you mention "c:/program file (x86)", it wouldn't work. The best way is to copy paste it as it appears in Windows.

If you want to ignore entire partition then you can select e.g. "Z:/" and it would ignore the entire directory/partition. You don't have to choose small letter and capital at the same time.

Let us know if you require further assistance.

Best Regards,


Secunia Customer Support

Best Regards,

Waqas Mahmood
Flexera Software Support
Secunia_CSI5_User RE: CSI 5.0 Filter Scan Paths
Member 9th Sep, 2011 16:06
Excellent and thank you for the clairification
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