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pmoks Can't recover my profile
Member 16th Oct, 2011 13:35
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I got a new PC (Core I7, 12 GB RAM, WIN764 SP 1) and installed the latest version of Secunia PSI.
Unfortunately I'm unable to recover my profile. I put my name and e-mail address in the form and clicked "Recover Profile".
Then a message box with a progress bar popped up, prompting "Please wait while a request is sent to the server.". A second later the message box closed without any changes. I check my email account but a haven't received any messages.
I've tried to Re-install but the the result was the same.
I'm using McAfee Total protection and tried to send the request while the firewall was off.

So I've no idea what else I could try. Anybody have a suggestion?

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Anthony Wells RE: Can't recover my profile
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Hi ,

This is from the FAQ's :-

If this does not help , you may need to mail direct tomorrow (CET) , when they get back to work on the PSI , to help recover your profile .

Take care



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