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klscoper Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
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The status of Adobe Flash Player has been "running update" for 3 days. I am using Windows XP, have rebooted and still no changes. Any suggestions?


Maurice Joyce RE: Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
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Something using Flash is running preventing the completion. If U want to manually do it try this:


If not using the PSI update feature I would recommend this method to successfully update Flash which by-passes the Adobe Download Manager.

1. Download & SAVE these to desktop.
IE 32 Bit.

& then here, if U have any Gecko based browsers that do not have Flash embedded.

2. The installer will appear on the desk top. THE IMPORTANT BIT - Before agreeing to install Flash check these programmes are completely shut down (use the Task Manager if necessary to COMPLETELY EXIT these processes if running):
a. All Browsers.
b. Windows Messenger.
c. Incredimail.
d. All Adobe Products.
e. PSI - Unless using version 2

3. [b]The new install will then remove all old files during the update process.

4. Complete a PSI rescan & all should be in order.
5. Delete the Flash installer(s) file(s) from the desktop.

If U want to double check Flash is working & the version installed click here: If using IE9 ActiveX Filtering must be disabled via IE>Tools before testing

Update 6 22:22 11/08/2011


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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