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zzzLinda XP Pro Fails to Update says PSI, & is Still Insecure
Member 15th Nov, 2011 22:44
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PSI stated my XP Pro is insecure due to 2 files; KB972270 & KB982132
I downloaded & it said I installed from Microsoft download site but ran PSI scan & it said was not installed. Did this install & re-scan 4 times....NO GOOD!!
The Microsoft download shield continues to appear in taskbar. I even have rebooted after install.
Still NO GOOD!! PSI indicates Microsoft XP insecure.

ddmarshall RE: XP Pro Fails to Update says PSI, & is Still Insecure
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Did you apply the Fixit in or make the change to the permissions of T2embed.dll as specified in the Security Advisory ?

This will cause those updates to be offered repeatedly on a Windows XP system.

Current issues as specified by Microsoft:
Applications that have functionality that relies on the T2embed.dll file, such as applications that generate PDF files, may not work as expected. For example, Microsoft Office software will be unable to generate PDF files.
After you apply this workaround on a system that is running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, you may be reoffered security updates 982132 and 972270. You will be unable to install these reoffered updates. The reoffering is a detection logic issue. Users who have previously applied both security updates successfully can ignore the reoffer.

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