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comp_whiz Change old proxy settings
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I have changed my proxy settings, however for some reason psia.exe is still trying to connect using obsolete Proxy settings (the old proxy is no longer available) and fails.

I have changed the Internet Explorer connection settings to point to the new proxy and browsing through IE works fine with the new proxy settings. SysInternals TCPview clearly shows psia.exe continuously trying to connect through the old (now non-existing proxy) SYN_SENT packets and cannot establish a connection as nothing is listening on that socket.

I have searched through the registry for traces of the old proxy IP/Port individually and in combination (using regfind from the Resource Kit) and could not find any.

I am at loss as to why psia.exe still attempts to go through old proxy after umpteen reboots and checks that the old proxy settings have all been updated.

Any assistance in resolving this issue other than by uninstalling/reinstalling PSI (which may or may not work) is greatly appreciated.

Maurice Joyce RE: Change old proxy settings
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There is a remote chance that a member of the Forum may try to help but Secunia's position on the use of proxies is here:


Statement issued by a Secunia Official on 11th May 2011

For users using proxies, there is bound to be a range of unexpected issues.

As such, these are not going to be fixed, as the PSI does not support proxies, or systems running proxies.

Original 11:04 05/06/2011


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