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mmax2 Auto-Updates
Member 26th Nov, 2011 20:58
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What happen to this feature I don't see Firefox supporting this anymore or Adobe Flash. I remember that they use to why do they not anymore support Auto-updates ?

mogs RE: Auto-Updates
Member 26th Nov, 2011 22:42
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Have you got "Enable automatic program updates" checked in Configure/Settings in psi ?
A forum member who uses both progs may be able to offer more help.

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Anthony Wells RE: Auto-Updates
Expert Contributor 27th Nov, 2011 09:48
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Hi ,

Some "auto-updte" facility/options have been removed from the PSI for some time now :eg: Mozilla Firefox .

I currently only have the facility for Adobe AIR and Flash Player but not for Shockwave Player : for one Google item -Picasa and all varieties of Java under Oracle or Sun listings .

If you have "Auto-Updating" enabled and you think a programme should be displaying the facility , double click the programme entry on the scan results page and (in the splash window) see if the individual programme is enabled or not . Try your Adobe Flash Player , it can be individually controlled .

Secunia have never responded as to why certain programmes have had the A-U facilty removed but it may be due to local language problems or not finding suitable installer files from the vendor website . A-U often seems to be difficult to complete for some users and may not always be the Godsend that the inexperienced user might have hoped for ; A-U is still very much work in progress .

Hope that helps .



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