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Oracle Corporation
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Oracle Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x

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Woody7 Java installed by another program, unsure what to do
Member 2nd Dec, 2011 15:42
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I have an older version of Java in a program directory for Coby Media Manager. I contacted them about it and they said it was not a concern due to how it is being used. Coby claims their Java is only used to scan my drives looking for media files and is not exposed to the internet, therefore safe. They have no plan to update at this time.

I am running the current Java 7, and have not tried to update or reinstall it as I don't think it would have any affect on the Coby directory.

Can someone who understands this better advise me on what to do?



Program Name:
Sun Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x

Security State:

Download Link:

Instances Found:
C:\Program Files\Coby\Coby Media Manager\jre\bin\java.exe, version:

Last System Scan (localtime):
2. Dec 2011, 00:36

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional,


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mogs RE: Java installed by another program, unsure what to do
Member 4th Dec, 2011 03:46
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I can't seem to find a Changelog for Coby Media Manager anywhere. There seems to be various versions in use at the same time...Whether they all use the same version of Java......the latest version, according to the following :-

Coby Media Manager
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Download Coby Media Manager

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Coby Media Manager is developed by Coby and is used by 2318 users of Software Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is 1.0. The name of the program executable file is Coby Media Manager.exe. The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.

CMM as a program is not monitored by might help you to firm up on making a decision, if you were to Suggest for such.......See "Are you missing a program" at the top right above Scan Results.

Personally, I wouldn't have Java on my pc.....and more particularly an older version. Is there an alternative for CMM you could use ?


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Woody7 RE: Java installed by another program, unsure what to do
Member 7th Dec, 2011 23:37
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Thanks for the reply.

I submitted CMM to Secunia and since I could not supply a download link for it, they could not add it to the database.

CMM is needed to convert videos to.mtv format and to update the device firmware. I have other programs to do the rest.

Support has various stories of what the Java is used for. I renamed Java.exe in the Coby dir and do not notice any difference is CMM function. I wonder if Coby's Java install is in case java is not already installed. I do have the current version of Java installed, so maybe it's using that.

So since I renamed (disabling) Coby's java, this now seems like a non issue.
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