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PlusCrusader25 Secunia Auto Update Service does not install during Secunia Installation
Member 5th Dec, 2011 15:35
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Secunia is installed and works properly on our desktop. However, when I try to install on my laptop, Secunia Autoupdate Service does not install. I have tried downloading and installing different secunia packages, all with the same result. Have even tried to install in safe mode with same result. Desktop OS is Win7-Home premium; Laptop OS is Win7-Pro. Without Secunia Update Service installed, receive error message that Secunia cannot access profile. Do not use proxy. FW is disabled during installation. Is Secunia Installation linked to specific Win Services that should be turned on? Am at a loss. Thank you in advance for help.

mogs RE: Secunia Auto Update Service does not install during Secunia Installation
Member 5th Dec, 2011 16:49
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Have you checked that settings are configured aright, as per the FAQ's here :-
and here :-

The list of requirements that must be met for the Secunia PSI to function correctly are:

Supported Operating Systems (32 & 64 bit):
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista SP 1 or later
Microsoft Windows XP - SP 3
To install and run the Secunia PSI you require administrative privileges.

Access to Secunia's encrypted servers via SSL ( and access to Microsoft Windows Update servers, see also Software Requirements below

Software Requirements
The latest version of Microsoft Update. You can determine whether or not you are running the latest version by visiting

with Microsoft Internet Explorer, while logged in as the Administrator. If you are able to check your system for missing updates through this tool, your system should function properly with the Secunia PSI.

Hardware Requirements:
There are no additional hardware requirements. If your computer runs any of the above mentioned Operating Systems, then Secunia PSI should work.

Hope the foregoing helps. Regards,

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