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psicutrinius PSI does not recognise installed patches (I think)
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Have been looking up other threads for quite a while before opening a new one and have been unable to find anything useful in the case described below. Please excuse me if there IS any and this is a duplicate.

I use Windows XP Sp3 and PSI 2.0 tells me that two patches (KB 972270 & KB 982132) are missing.

Last PSI scan was Dec, 10th, but I installed both as a result of a previous scan on Dec. 7th., through the link provided in "Scan results".

The system created a system restore point upon installing both, and I have now a system restore point dated Dec, 7th, created after installing them both (20:44:06 for 982132 and 20:42:35 for 972270).

Therefore, I believe that (a) the patches are indeed installed, given the source that says so, and (b) that somehow PSI 2.0 fails to detect them as installed, at least as of today (Dec 11th).

What is the situation? How can I be sure about whether the patches are installed or not?. If they are, why PSI says otherwise?.

Thanks anyway


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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI does not recognise installed patches (I think)
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It might not have registered correctly as an install. You can get a second opinion by using this:


If U are having difficulty confirming the status of Microsoft updates installed on your PC U may wish to install MBSA.

It scans a PC, highlights general security features that were checked, in particular missing Microsoft hot fixes (patches), with additional links to fixes or help lines.

Do not be put off by all the written hype about IT Professionals etc - it is easy to use & understand the results.

More details & the download link are here:

Update 1 23:32 25/01/2011


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ddmarshall RE: PSI does not recognise installed patches (I think)
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The repeated reoffering of these two updates is a known side effect on Windows XP systems of using the workaround for the Duqu vulnerabilty, either manually or using Microsoft Fix it 50792. See the known issues sections in:

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