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flyer_fast TrueCrypt versions 6 and 7
Member 28th Dec, 2011 10:27
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Hello all.
I just downloaded and installed a couple of days ago PSI 2.0 and I got the message that I had TrueCrypt 6.x and it is at EOL. I upgraded TrueCrypt to current version 7, but message of PSI remains. I did all required Windows resets and TrueCrypt exits and restarts, and I checked that the TrueCrypt that is in execution is of version 7.1.


mogs RE: TrueCrypt versions 6 and 7
Member 28th Dec, 2011 10:38
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@flyer fast

Have you run a full psi scan since ? Are you showing both the older and latest versions of True Crypt in your Results ?
You'll notice a + sign alongside each program entry in Scan Results.

Deletion of an entry.

To delete a vulnerable file or folder using PSI 2 :

1. Open psi and go to Scan Results.

2. Alongside the vulnerable prog. is a "+" sign.

Clicking on that will reveal Detected Instances..

3. Below, are two yellow folders. Click the one without a red dot.
It will open Windows Explorer and you will be able to view the vulnerable files/folders.

4. Right click and delete.
Perform a full scan to confirm all in order.

If you require further assistance :-

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emilystanfford RE: TrueCrypt versions 6 and 7
Member 30th Dec, 2011 09:25
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Hardware-accelerated AES; A volume can now be configured to be automatically mounted whenever its host device gets connected to the computer (provided that the correct password and/or keyfiles are supplied). (Windows).
In response to our public complaint regarding the missing API for encryption of Windows hibernation files, Microsoft began providing a public API for encryption of hibernation files on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows (for more information, see the section TrueCrypt 5.1a in this version history). Starting with this version 7.0, TrueCrypt uses this API to encrypt hibernation and crash dump files in a safe documented way. (Windows 7/Vista/2008/2008R2)

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