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black beret KB977914
Member 14th Jan, 2012 18:07
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I have the same problem as a 2 year old locked thread (SA38511).

Program Name:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Security State:

Download Link:

Missing Microsoft Patches (KB numbers):

Instances Found:

Last System Scan (localtime):
12. Jan 2012, 08:31

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional,

(n.b. Actual OS is Windows XP Home Edition) ??? seperate thread.

I have installed this patch (confirmed by SIW) and rebooted and rescanned several times but PSI still shows it as a vulnerability.

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mogs RE: KB977914
Member 14th Jan, 2012 18:47
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Location: UK Have you tried the following ?

When updating Microsoft Applications, it is a good idea to keep in mind that some Microsoft Updates do not "kick in" until after a reboot. Therefore, it is recommended to try following this procedure when installing Microsoft Updates:

1) Check Microsoft Update: install all security-related patches
2) Reboot
3) Repeat step 1: repeat step 2 if anything was installed at this step
4) Run a full rescan with the PSI

Hope the foregoing is of some help....regards,

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black beret RE: KB977914
Member 15th Jan, 2012 10:50
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Have installed further updates, rebooted and rescanned.
All is now well - 100% rating. Guess I wasn't patient enough!
Many Thanks.
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