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bonnie23 Secure Browsing Tab
Member 21st Jan, 2012 18:48
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I run a PSI scan every week. Opened PSI about an hour ago, did a full scan...results were 100%. Everything was good, I even checked to see if the two programs I installed 3 days ago were in the list...they were and were up-to-date. My problem is the tab for "Secure Browsing" has gone missing. I use 3 browsers... IE8, Mozilla FF 9.x, and Opera 11.x. In the past the program page listed them as up-to-date but in the Browser tab it showed vulnerabilities. A few months ago all three had issues within the Browser tab. They are... showing in the program page as patched.
Was there an update to PSI 2.0 in the past week and is the "Secure Browsing" tab no longer available? I noticed on the interface page before starting the scan all previous information was gone. No last scan date, no scheduled next scan, and the graph was empty. I was also prompted to "Recover Secunia Profile".
In the PSI settings I only have two items ticked..."Enable automatic program updates" and "Show detailed program changes".


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mogs RE: Secure Browsing Tab
Member 21st Jan, 2012 20:04
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There hasn't been a version update to psi in the last week...the latest current version is You can check what version you're running by right clicking on the taskbar icon and then About. You can also keep an eye on versions in the Changelog on the following page :-

When you say you have only two items ticked in Dashboard/Configuration/Settings.....Have you not got a check on Start Psi on boot nor Enable Program Monitoring and Enable Secure Browsing Page ?.....It's of course a matter of personal choice, but some things are a prerequisite for it to work.
Some people have experienced some irregularities recently.....but perhaps best check those things out first.....hope it helps.....regards.

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