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frwnd secunia scanned only once
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First-timer with secunia, so please excuse my possibly stupid questions.
I had a first and last full scan on 01/24. But after making some uninstallations according to the recommendation, just couldn't make it scan again. The system says THE NEXT SCHEDULED SYSTEM FULL SCAN IS ON 01/31. I don't think I've ever set this schedule. Can I have a scan anytime I want to? And how?

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mogs RE: secunia scanned only once
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You should be able to carry out a manual scan at anytime. Psi notes the last scan and sets the next automatic scan one week hence. If you decide to scan manually before then....the auto scan time will adjust to one hence from that......hope that's clear enough.

Are you saying that it's refusing to scan when you go to the Scan page and click on Scan ?

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