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frwnd secunia refused to scan
Member 29th Jan, 2012 15:20
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I clicked on START SCAN button, but simply no response. Restarted the machine and tried to scan again. Didn't help. That was my first experience with SECUNIA. Hope that won't be my last, as it is such a helpful tool.
Sorry I can't respond to an old hand from UK, as I clicked on a wrong button and was not allowed to resume my previous topic. Many thanks though.

mogs RE: secunia refused to scan
Member 29th Jan, 2012 16:02
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I see that you've closed your previous thread on the subject.
Have you tried re-installing psi from here ?:-

Before you do, clear out temp. files etc., using CCleaner or equivalent......and then when re-installing, let it remove the previous version that it finds.
See if that helps.
I've run a scan this morning okay with no problems.

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