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jlbalvanz What will Secunia recommend for upgrade from 3.6.26 when Firefox 3.6 is end-of-life?
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According to the last reports from Mozilla, Firefox 3.6.26 will go end-of-life on April 24, 2012. Many corporate users, ourselves included, use Firefox 3.6 as the "stable" version (as opposed to the rapid update version which just hit version 10). Right now Secunia CSI offers Firefox 3.6 users updates to the latest version of 3.6. When version 3.6 goes end-of-life, will you offer Firefox 10.0esr, or whatever the current version of the consumer Firefox is?

We're trying to decide what to do ourselves, and are curious as to which direction you plan to go.

Jeff Balvanz -- Iowa State University Information Technology Services
Ames, IA, USA

Anthony Wells RE: What will Secunia recommend for upgrade from 3.6.26 when Firefox 3.6 is end-of-life?
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Hi ,

I do not speak for Secunia in any way , but I think you have answered your own question when you use the word "offer" .

secunia do not recommend you do something but give yoiu (a) choice(s) concerning updates and/or upgrades .

When Ff version3.6.x is no longer supported then you will get that info from Secunia and doubtless they will say that continuing to run said browser will expose you to ever growing risks ; (potentially) unpatched/vulnerable software is meat and drink to the bad guys . Secunia will not risk assess for you as such , only you and your IT expert(ise) can do that .

An obvious solution will be to upgrade to the latest "stable" version and Secunia will "offer" that solution as is their job .

It is down to Mozilla to satisfy your browser requirements . I do not know your reasons for not wishing/being able to use 10s'ers as opposed to the 3.6.x'ers but from what i have seen/read Mozilla are aware of people's reticence ; so i would think they are the ones to ask about your concern .

It will be interesting to hear more details from you if you have the time ; the 10s'ers on the latest OS's offer a big step forward in security , speed etc. ; at least in my dreams , I run it sandboxed on my XP SP3 .

Take care



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