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mtodorov PSI AU question
Member 7th Feb, 2012 15:03
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I wanted to know what needs to be done for PSI 2.0 AU (automatic update) to work.

For Adobe Flash player i.e. I have set "Approve Update" and it says that it had scheduled update event, but I couldn't find it in Task Scheduler, neither did it activate update at next reboot.

Does anyone know more about the PSI internals and how it schedules AU updates and what must be done to trigger them.


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mogs RE: PSI AU question
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As follows is a copy of a reply by Support to a similar question :-
The Auto-updates are scheduled as soon as the PSI becomes aware that you are missing a patch (ie. when you run scan).

However, to prevent the PSI from disturbing your workflow, it will perform a check before installing: such as whether or not the program is running, or a certain file is locked. This should prevent auto-updates from interfering with normal program usage.

Hope this helps.

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Emil R. Petersen

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