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puskar.4 CSI Console Unreasonably Slow
Member 7th Feb, 2012 18:38
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Is the CSI Console unreasonably slow for anyone else? Any tips on speeding it up? All operations take at least 5 seconds: changing sections (from any to any), changing pages (any section), etc.


John Puskar
Systems Manager
OSU Chemistry Support

SmithJoe RE: CSI Console Unreasonably Slow
Contributor 8th Feb, 2012 09:22
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is it possible that you activated "Highlight programms for which update packages have been created" in sps->configure view?
that option totally slow down csi in our installment
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This user no longer exists RE: CSI Console Unreasonably Slow
Secunia Official 10th Feb, 2012 15:57
Last edited on 10th Feb, 2012 15:59 Hello,

There are several things which may cause slow responsiveness for the Graphical User Interface, as for each one of them there is a corresponding solution. Note these below:

a) If CSI GUI is installed in a virtual environment on the same machine as the production WSUS, that could possibly cause slow responses and delay in the performance. Solution in this case will be to install the GUI on a separate workstation which has less load processing.

b) If you have enabled logging for some reason earlier and yet haven't switched it off, this could possibly cause performance decrease and would maximize the response time window for your requests. Verify this and switch logging off, if it remains enabled. Restart your CSi afterwards.

c) As SmithJoe indicated already, the setting 'Highlight programs for which update package have been created' can be a potential cause, however, this is normal only for the Patch section.

In general, it is also a good idea to leave your Secunia CSI installation without any interaction for 15-30 seconds when you start it. During that time the CSI synchronizes its local database and any action from your side may be delayed until the database is synchronized.

I hope that helped. Let us know if you feel the console more responsive.

Kind Regards,

Rosen Danailov

Junior Solution Specialist

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