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JSull Create a new package
Member 8th Feb, 2012 17:44
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I am needing to create a new package that will update an existing application. I have not yet created my own sps and need a little help to make sure that I create it properly.

I have downloaded the .msi that I need and was planning on incuding the file in the package, but I am unsure of the changes that need to be made to the javascript.

Is there any detailed documentation out there that can help me with this?


O.Marin RE: Create a new package
Secunia Official 8th Feb, 2012 21:09
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Thanks for your post.

Unfortunately we don't have documentation on how to create your custom sps but this is something we plan to do in the future.

What application do you want to install? The easiest thing is to start from an already functional script. A functional script is available if you right-click and select create update package.

If you are using only one file then you have to:
1. Add the specific silent installation parameters
2. Remove the default link
3. Add your own installer

And that's about it. The default script handles .msi, .mst and .exe files

If you want to use multiple files then you have to modify the script a bit more. Besides the steps mentioned above you have to make sure that during the execution the second file is also extracted from sps.

As a guideline you can use the custom SPS to upgrade Adobe Reader published on this forum. It's an excellent example if you want to use more files in the package.

I hoped I answered at least some of your questions.

Let me know if you need more info on the subject.

Kind Regards,

Oana Marin
Solution Specialist
JSull Create a new package
Member 8th Feb, 2012 23:27
Last edited on 8th Feb, 2012 23:27 Thanks for the quick response.

I am wanting to install the new version of Webex Player.

Are the silent parameters the same on all .msi\'s?
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jlbalvanz RE: Create a new package
Member 9th Feb, 2012 15:29
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If you're installing an MSI or MSP file, the command line will begin with "msiexec.exe". This is the Microsoft Installer, and the silent command line parameters should always be the same. (You can see the parameters for msiexec by typing "msiexec /?" at a command prompt.) The parameter "/qn" usually works, and you might want to include "/norestart" to keep Windows from forcing a restart after installation.

If you're installing an EXE file, all bets are off. The silent install parameters will depend on what the software manufacturer put in (if they did) and you'll have to consult them or do a web search. (You can sometimes get help by typing "installername.exe /?" or "installername.exe -h", but not always.)

Jeff Balvanz -- Iowa State University Information Technology Services
Ames, IA, USA
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RosalieJohnson RE: Create a new package
Member 13th Feb, 2012 21:05
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Thank you for the information. This is very helpful.
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