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Tallboy Firefox is always unsafe
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mogs RE: Firefox is always unsafe
Member 14th Feb, 2012 16:11
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All browsers seem to exhibit vulnerabilities at some time or another. Secunia is a valuable tool/instrument in helping users keep them as secure as is possible with links to available security updates.Thereafter it would seem more a matter of personal discernment...individual choices/browsing assess/weigh determine how safe.( Secure Browsing feature, as yet, not fit for purpose in the latest psi version. )
For instance.......until recently I used Chrome Canary....unmonitored by psi....but updated almost every day....but the ever present prospect of crashes etc.......I have got no idea how safe one might feel in a Ferrari !! Or if they left it parked !!
As safe as one can be given the Vendor/version/support....I've never used Firefox but I wouldn't knock may need it again some day ?
Thanks for your contribution....some stimulus to thought.......regards,

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wr RE: Firefox is always unsafe
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I would agree with the OP if he/she were talking about Adobe products or JAVA(tm)-talk about unsafe-2 prime examples of that in these products in my opinion.YMMV

Regards, wr

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