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gammie65 Profil
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Hi , had to crash on pc Secunia PSI re-install . Now I can not activate my profile . also create a new profile does not work .

hallo, musste nach pc absturz secunia psi neu installieren. nun kann ich mein profil nicht mehr aktivieren. auch das anlegen eines neuen profils funktioniert nicht.

mogs RE: Profil
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@gammie 65

The following is the latest word concerning profile recovery :-

This was published to the Forum by a Secunia Official on 19th December 2011.

"We currently have an issue with the Recover Profile feature in the PSI so you may not be able to use that feature at the moment.

Please note that registering the PSI is not required and will not affect its functionality in any way.

I have asked for an update on the issue internally but I currently do not have any ETA on when the Recover Profile feature will become available".

14:25 20/12/2011

Have you checked thro' the settings/configurations in the Faq's here ? :-
Note the latter paragraphs if using XP.

Has the crash issue resolved itself ?..........Regards,

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