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Hummer5 End-of-life vs. updates
Member 29th Feb, 2012 02:14
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My Secunia scan just added 5 end-of-life programs I'd already updated previously. I suspect the older versions were downloaded in a "MyMailList & AddressBook" I recently installed. The software says it is compatible with Win 7. My questions: 1) If I delete the old end-of-life programs, will the software run ok? The User's Manual might need them to run (?) Can I safely "ignore" the older programs if required by the software to run? The updated versions are still listed.

I have Win 7 (64-bit) IE9 PSI v.2.0

End-of-life: Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x
Adobe Shockwave Player 10.x
Adobe SVG Viewer 2.x
Macromedia Flash Player 5.x Active x
Macromedia Shockwave Player 8.x

Unfortunately, technical support for the software is not readily accessible & may take a while to contact. Copyright on the software says 1993-2011. Does anyone have any answers?


mogs RE: End-of-life vs. updates
Member 29th Feb, 2012 06:16
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It would help someone to help you if you could publish the Troubleshoot reports for the items.

See :-
Which information should I include when asking for help?
When asking for help, either on the community forum or by contacting Secunia support, you should include the 'Troubleshoot Report' for the application in question. To obtain the Troubleshoot Report, double-click the problematic program on the Scan Results tab, click 'Troubleshoot Report', and follow the instructions presented.

Hope it helps........regards,

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