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ParzivalRM Secunia 3.0 Beta is now dangerous
Member 1st Mar, 2012 05:44
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I am reluctantly going back to to Secunia, because with the removal of any settings, the 3.0 Beta version is far too dangerous for me to use.

1. I assume, but I don't know, that I cannot remove Secunia from startup. What happens if there is a problem with Secunia and I want Windows to start without opening Secunia? Do I really have to uninstall Secunia in such a situation?

2. I assume, but I don't know, that various programmes will update themselves automatically.

NOBODY updates my computer except me --- I set every programme, including Windows itself, to notify me, not to update automatically.

What happens, for example, if I have to go back to a previous version of some piece of software? Will Secunia keep overwriting this?

3. I can no longer find out what programmes Secunia is checking and not checking. I need to know this, so that I can routinely check the remaining programmes myself.

4. I no longer have any idea which drives are being scanned. I presume, but I don't know, that Secunia now only scans C: drive.

5. I can no longer check to see whether Firefox or IE9 are in one of their "secure" phases, or whether they are insecure to some given extent so that I should be just that little bit more cautious.

By the way, this situation with browser security should be a lot easier to identity that it became in Version 2, after which one has to wait and wait for Secunia's screen to load..
- - - - - - - -

Besides that:
* I have lost my links from secure programmes to their websites or to the Secunia forums.
* I have lost my link that logs me automatically in to the forum.
* I have lost my list of software associated with IE9 and Firefox.
- - - - - - - -

Whatever benefits the new version may offer, it is absolutely vital that all the previous functionality --- dashboard, settings, links and so forth --- are preserved in the new version.

I sincerely hope that these things have only been omitted from the Beta because of the demands of testing, and that the final version will bring back all the things that we have so much appreciated from Secunia thus far.

Could someone from Secunia confirm this?

This user no longer exists RE: Secunia 3.0 Beta is now dangerous
Secunia Official 1st Mar, 2012 09:55
Please see our comments in this thread.

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