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MrWhsprs Secunia PSI 3 Beta 'updated' Firefox 11 beta to Firefox 3.6.27
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On my system I had two versions of Firefox in separate folders (and using separate profiles). Firefox 3.6.25 was in "\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 3" and Firefox 11 Beta was in the "Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" default folder location.

Secunia PSI 3 Beta indicated that Firefox needed an update, and though I don't recall seeing any detailed info from PSI 3 Beta regarding the folder location or specific program version that it was referring to, since Firefox 11 Beta was current I thought PSI 3 Beta clearly meant to update 3.6.25 to the most current version.

I clicked on the icon and chose English and let it do the update. When it was done it said that the system needed to be restarted. I did so, and after the restart Firefox 11 Beta was gone, replaced by 3.6.27, and 3.6.25 remained. So, PSI left alone the out-of-date 3.6.25 install in the "Mozilla Firefox 3" folder, but 'updated' the 11 beta install in the "Mozilla Firefox" folder with 3.6.27. It certainly would have been preferable for PSI to update the old Firefox 3 install location instead of overwriting the Firefox 11 Beta install location.

I rolled back PSI to, and attempted to undo the messed-up situation with Firefox, but I was in a hurry and long story short, I ended up losing both of my Firefox profiles. At that point I decided to uninstall/reinstall Firefox fresh, create two fresh profiles, and then restore bookmarks and re-install add-ons. At least now I know to stick with PSI 2 and I've been reminded that I need to be more vigilant in backing up.

Anthony Wells RE: Secunia PSI 3 Beta 'updated' Firefox 11 beta to Firefox 3.6.27
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Hi ,

What is strange is that the PSI has not previously tracked or dispayed alpha , beta or dev versions of software . Not sure why 3.0 did bad , nor whether having two versions or the default being a Beta caused problems , but I never let any version of the PSI auto-update anything on my system and for that reason will not test 3.0 Beta .

Maybe support will have a comment , tomorrow .

Take care



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Maurice Joyce RE: Secunia PSI 3 Beta 'updated' Firefox 11 beta to Firefox 3.6.27
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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia PSI 3 Beta 'updated' Firefox 11 beta to Firefox 3.6.27
Member 12th Mar, 2012 08:29

After investigating this problem, I modified our detection rules to avoid this issue.

I don't believe Firefox 11.x beta was being detected at all, rather I think the detected instance of 3.6.x was automatically "updated" and installed itself to the default location for Firefox - Where your instance of Mozilla Firefox 11.x was located.

Hope this helps.
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