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mthullen Removing programs from scan list.
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How do you remove a program from the scan list? My scan list has two Google Chrome programs on it - Version 16 (old) & version 17 (current). Version 16 is not on my laptops program list so I can't uninstall it. What do I do now?

Mike Thullen

Maurice Joyce RE: Removing programs from scan list.
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Google do not remove the older version. Just right click on it & delete the old version in Windows Explorer.

If U want more detail I need the TroubleShoot Report as follows:


From the DASHBOARD page click on SCAN RESULTS.

1. This will list all your programmes with a + to the left of each programme.
2. Click the + sign next to the item that U want help with.
3. This will reveal the path under DETECTED INSTANCES.
4. Below DETECTED INSTANCES you will see this You can double click this row for additional information & options>double click it>a box will appear>look to the RIGHT & U will see TROUBLESHOOT REPORT in BLUE writing under the heading TOOLBOX> click TroubleShoot Report & it will reveal some information in a box>highlight the information revealed from ---START--- to ---END--- & copy it (CTRL+C) then post it to the Forum (CTRL+V)


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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