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SmithJoe Firefox 10.x ESR
Contributor 14th Mar, 2012 19:09
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Now that esr is out and is seperating itself from firefox 11 in its version numbering - are we going to get a solution to deploy esr ?
When Firefox 10 arrived i just had to switch the executable of firefox 10 to firefox 10 ESR and deployment was easy.
Now Firefox has switched to FF11 while ESR stays at FF10.0.3

Any thoughts on this topic


Anthony Wells RE: Firefox 10.x ESR
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Hi ,

I have the impression that Support were working quite hard today on Firefox detection rules ; did you notice if the PSI gave 10.0.2 an "insecure" display with a 10.0.3 update soultion offered , in your case .??

Is the PSI currently detecting your 10.0.3 esr and are there any relevant "notes" attatched ??

If not , I suggest you take it up with Support ( emaill to ) especially as their detection rules for "auto-updating" were causing copncern when more than one platform/user is/was loaded/involved . At this point , I personally would only use the Mozilla/Firefox internal updaters .

Take care



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