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jhp13syseng secunia fails to run; fails to uninstall
Member 26th Mar, 2012 04:31
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I have been running PSI 2.0.x but it recently started opening an empty window for a few seconds and then closing. I tried downloading and installing the latest version This failed to uninstall the previous version or complete the installation of the new version.

I ran the Windows uninstaller from the control panel; it stalled partway through and failed to remove the program. I rebooted and used the Secunia uninstall program which worked.

Nest I tried version again, with the same failures. Removed that and tried 3.0 beta; again the same failures.

What is going wrong, and how do I get PSI to install and work properly? Is there an older version of 2.0 that will work? I am using XP Pro SP 3, latest MS updates. (I also run windows 7 SP 1 latest updates, but want to get XP working before trying to set it up under Win7.) I have three logs from the last attempt to install and can upload them if someone can tell me how.

mogs RE: secunia fails to run; fails to uninstall
Member 26th Mar, 2012 05:19
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Have you checked thro' the settings in the new FAQ's here ? :- In the earlier FAQ version there were more items which applied particularly to XP.....If you have no success after checking the above I can provide a copy of the previous.
Are you familiar with Revouninstaller ? I've found it useful sometimes, as it checks for any left over registry entries etc..If you wish, I can give you the link to the free 1.93 version.

An older version of psi can be gotten here :-

Hope it helps........regards.......

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