Forum Thread: Today is a sad day had to delete PSI from my PC.

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cat1234 Today is a sad day had to delete PSI from my PC.
Member 27th Mar, 2012 22:32
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First let me start off by saying that i have been using PSI on my PC for about two years now. It was a very good program in my eyes.. My reasons for deleting it now are: 1. PSI 2.0 missed an update for Adobe Flash that i had to find on my own. And seeing that Adobe is always a target for hackers, that's not a good thing. It has missed other updates to in the past. Then i see that the new 3.0 version came out, so i upgraded to it, and gave it a try NG. Yes i know its a BETA version, but i see it more as just useless. It has no U.I. how do i know its even doing anything ? Then it tells u all is up to date....ya sure what you guys will do in the future but you guys took a dam good program and killed it. I would have just upgraded 2.0 to find the newer updates. Now one of my favorite programs is gone, so you see its a sad day for me.

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Member 28th Mar, 2012 08:54

I just wanted to add that the PSI 3.x Beta is not beta in the way that would usually be defined.

The user interface and included features are still being discussed and developed, and what you see now is most likely not what you will get in the end.

Either way, PSI 2.x and 1.x are still supported, and will be with no current plans to discontinue them.

Hope this helps.
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