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joe schmoe Adobe Flash Updating Issue
Member 31st Mar, 2012 08:47
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Already aware of Flash Update as of 3/30/2012. Noticed that digital signatures section of file properties indicates files for both ie and ff were finalized as of 3/9/2012.

PSI v here failed to automatically update ff flash, but did update ie flash. ????

Why is there a discrepancy between the Adobe digital signatures of the latest file and the released date of the latest version, 11.2? Why the apparent delay in release? (See first paragraph above if lost)

Just curious.

I fixed the ff problem by gong to Adobe and downloading the 780 KB update file from there. Notice that this is now done by getting a much smaller file, and this file is the actual download helper file.

Never seen the downoaded file disappear before as this one does when double-clicked as the installation of flash begins.

Sorry about so many questions, but...

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Anthony Wells RE: Adobe Flash Updating Issue
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HI Joe ,

The inabilty to (auto)update both ActiveX and NPAPI in PSI 2.x has arisen on several occasions recently ; it seems quite unacceptable to me and support have not commented on it , so perhaps you should get on to them at .

I guess that files are worked on at different times and loaded into the installer pre-release ; not a point of interest/concern/problem in my book .

The Adobe (GetFlash) installers have been removing themselves (after use) for some time now ; the AIR and Shockwave ones' hang about .

I am viewing things in PSI 3Beta 2 and ActiveX and NPAPI are displayed clearly and separately unlike 2.x . Have not yet decided on thier next update procedure .

Take care



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