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dfoulkesrlf Update solutions concept
Member 1st Apr, 2012 17:21
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I have a number of (Portable apps) browsers residing on this system (Opera, (older) Firefox, Chrome). I do have the current Firefox "installed" here. And I do use the Portable-apps "check for updates" function... so, I keep stuff current.

When I run PSI it will of course notify me if anything is out of date... that of course is good...

So, I run it and it shows that (as an example) Portable-Chrome needs to be updated... that's fine, and it probable checks a master version database in Secunia... But the problem is...

When I click on update solutions the process ignores the fact that I'm using the portable version and wants to install the latest non-portable version of Chrome... and I don't want that.

Chrome is not the only browser that it wants to install...

Is there anything I can do to modify where PSI wants to check for updates?

Thanks you

ddmarshall RE: Update solutions concept
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Assuming you are using PSI version 2, you can exclude the Portable Apps folder using an ignore rule.
The easiest way to do this is to click the + next to the program in the Scan Results. This will reveal the detected copies. Click the first icon on the left of the path to ignore the portable copy.
You can also use Configuration > Settings > Ignore Rules to exclude an entire folder.

The facility to create Ignore Rules is not included in the current version of PSI 3 Beta (

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dfoulkesrlf RE: Update solutions concept
Member 2nd Apr, 2012 16:06
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Sorry... I'm using version 2.0

I suppose that's the best way to handle the problem. I had just figured that PSI knew where the real source of the app. came from (in this case the Portable site) and that it would interact with that site and not the main Google site. It does get messy for me to expect it to do that though..

I'll make the change to PSI...

Thank you.

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