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Salihb Changelog for PSI 3 Beta?
Member 5th Apr, 2012 16:46
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Where do i find the changelog for PSI 3 Beta? I would like to read the entire changelog in an easy manner as you can with PSI 2 (

Maurice Joyce RE: Changelog for PSI 3 Beta?
Handling Contributor 5th Apr, 2012 20:44
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V3 BETA is preparing for a major upgrade. There is no change log as such.

The Release User guide is here:

In addition a Secunia Official has published this on the Forum:

"Thanks for all of the great feedback that you have sent in or posted during the past few weeks. It helps us to raise the bar and keep improving the Secunia PSI.

With the Secunia PSI 3 we wanted to get back to basics, and thus we created the Secunia PSI 3 without advanced options and with limited details. The goal was to make the Secunia PSI 3 as simple and usable as possible, particularly with non-technical users in mind.

We strongly believe that this approach is the right one. That said, there is no doubt that a lot of valid points have been raised regarding some essential options and features that are currently missing.

As of Today we are releasing the Secunia PSI 3 Beta 2, now ready for your testing. The new Beta 2 (re)introduces the following features:
* Result view now shows all detected programs
* Detailed view of detected programs (versions, installation paths, and ability to open its folder)
* Setting to enable/disable "Auto Updates"
* Setting to enable/disable "Start on Boot"
* Suggest software
* Slightly tweaked design
* Secunia System Score
* Various bug fixes

It may be downloaded from the usual location:

Beta 2 is the next step towards the final Secunia PSI 3. We are already working on Beta 3, as a teaser we can inform you that we are aiming to include the following features with Beta 3:
* Secunia Profile / Community Forum Integration
* Event log (updates installed and scan conducted)
* Ignore Rules
* Selection of drives to scan
* Secunia CSI Integration"


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Salihb RE: Changelog for PSI 3 Beta?
Member 5th Apr, 2012 21:39
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Cool, seems i'll have to wait for this major update before i reinstall it then :)
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