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Synaptics Pointing Device Driver 15.x

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fasteddie0747 Two Drivers Showing in PSI
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I download the New Scrybe Synaptics driver and I still have the original driver that PSI undated and patched? Is it okay having both of these drivers?
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Maurice Joyce RE: Two Drivers Showing in PSI
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I think U need to check with the vendor. As far as I can see Scrybe Synaptics is an add on to the main drivers that adds gestures etc.

I most certainly have not got that installed on my test PC which works perfectly without it. For the same reason I have also declined an offer from Windows Update to update version 15.

To answer your question directly good practise with drivers is:

1. If using an OEM version of Windows only use the OEM site to update them.

2. If it ain't broke don't fix it unless U are an advanced (power) user & fully understand the drawbacks if things go "pearshaped".


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