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simon94 Upgraded to PSI 3 Beta
Member 13th Apr, 2012 18:12
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I had the old version of PSI which scanned my system as 100% secure most times, only when I needed the Windows Update Readiness Tool (a two part download from Microsoft!) did it complain about not having updates (that would not update without it). And so I have been reliant on PSI. But recently in the last two weeks it has scanning my system as 0%!! and I could not find an answer, I found some updates had failed but were later either in the same day or a day later updated ok (thanks to PSI pointing out what needed to be updated!!). In the last two weeks it had been complaining abot Microsoft Windows 7 not being secure and a score of 0%!!
In frustration at not finding out why (some updates had failed for Windows7 but had been sucessfully updated either later the same day or on the next day (obviously thanks to PSI pointing out what was insecure!).
So in frustration I upgraded to PSI 3 Beta and on scanning my system pointed out a 100% secure system (in green type). so this is a very good reason to upgrade..
The only thing bothering me is the systray icon, if you hover the cursor over will print that "you have programs that requiire manual updates".
Simon Yarwood

This user no longer exists RE: Upgraded to PSI 3 Beta
Member 16th Apr, 2012 08:57

Thank you for your feedback on the PSI 3.0 Beta 2.

If you have further thoughts and comments, please do not hestitate to let us know.
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Maurice Joyce RE: Upgraded to PSI 3 Beta
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Sadly, genuine submissions created on this Forum are getting "lost" amongst the sustained spammer attack posts being created.

I have grouped this post & others where Forum members have open questions & comments which should make it easier for Forum readers & helpers to navigate.


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