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paranoiddelusions FEEDBACK on the BETA... or Why I Hate Programmers
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1- Why is the new icon in the system tray always red despite the BETA finally reporting 100% green/secure? I say finally because after I installed the BETA, it failed to note that I'd just previously installed about a dozen Microsoft updates that required their own reboot. It took multiple reboots before the BETA finally noticed that I HAD updated the software and gave me my normal 100% secure checkmark... BUT the icon in the tray STILL shows RED several shut downs/reboots later.

2- Just 2 SETTINGS on the DISPLAY PROGRAMS page - Start on Boot and Update Automatically
How do we change that idiotic icon-centric display of all our programs BACK to an easy to scan list?? I don't like icons, I can't remember icons, I want to see my software CLEARLY listed in a column by NAME and version AND in an easy to read DARK BLACK font. Why should I have to squint and scroll down a screen that must run 5 pages long because of space hogging big icons with the app names in a tiny light grey font underneath each that I can barely see?

The older version was notorious for not immediately recognizing when software had been updated, but this is a giant step backwards. Even on this feedback page, everything I type is in a light grey font instead of a EASY TO READ dark black font. BAH HUMBUG!

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Maurice Joyce RE: FEEDBACK on the BETA... or Why I Hate Programmers
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Sadly, genuine submissions created on this Forum are getting "lost" amongst the sustained spammer attack posts being created.

I have grouped this post & others where Forum members have open questions & comments which should make it easier for Forum readers & helpers to navigate.


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